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What we do

We offer Amazon advertising management, inventory management, customer service, SEO/listing optimization, returns, fulfillment, and more for third-party brands who want to sell their products on Amazon.

Inventory Management:
AI-enhanced inventory management for streamlined control and profit growth.

Platform Management:
Unified management for accelerated e-commerce growth and sales.

Marketing Management:
Data-driven marketing for e-commerce growth and brand reach.

Why Choose Us

With our proven track record of selling on Amazon for over 10 years, significant inventory capacity, and expert forecasting during turbulent times, we provide exceptional service and financial incentives such as up-front payment and purchasing inventory. We also offer additional services such as brand protection, direct access to Amazon's exclusive Strategic Account Manager, and new product development.

Financial Benefits:
Upfront payment for inventory and no cost for advertising spending.

Persuasive Performance:
Outperforming competitors with excellent customer service and free returns.

Experience and Revenue:
10+ years of experience with $10 million annual revenue.

Brand Protection:
Protect your brand with our brand protection services.

New Product Development:
Innovative insights for new product development.

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Common Pain Points for Manufacturers on Amazon

Want to reach out to Amazon's massive consumer database but unsure of where to start?

  • Are you struggling to navigate the complex world of Amazon?

  • Are you worried about standing out in a crowded marketplace

  • Are you finding it challenging to manage inventory across multiple channels?

  • Are you unsure how to develop effective marketing and advertising strategies on Amazon?

Services we offer

Amazon Advertising

includes Amazon PPC ads, sponsored products, sponsored brands, and sponsored display ads.

Listing Optimization

includes keyword research, product descriptions, enhanced content, and A+ content.

Account Management

includes account setup, ongoing account management, performance monitoring, and strategic recommendations for growth.

Brand Management

includes brand gating, trademark registration, and brand content creation.

Inventory Management

includes inventory forecasting, stock level monitoring, and timely fulfillment of orders.

Customer and Returns Management

includes customer inquiries, returns and refunds management, and negative feedback handling.

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